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Some of you might prefer kitchen carts in stainless steel over woodwork. If so, take a closer look at the SM Stainless Steel Work Table - 49″.

It has a sleek, simple design and will fit easily in any kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen carts are popular with home owners who want a clean, modern look for the kitchen. Many chefs also choose to work with stainless steel table top because it is suitable for food preparation, and is easy to clean up.

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At first glance this cart looks like any stainless steel kitchen carts. But there are subtle differences that makes this a winner. One special feature is the curved edges of the table top. You won’t have to knock into sharp, hard table corners anymore. This safe design is helpful when you are cooking in a small kitchen, or if you have young children in the kitchen.

The single shelf of the cart is made of heavy duty chrome plated steel. You can adjust the height of the shelf to suit your needs. Once in place, the shelf is sturdy and holds up well.

Another special feature of the SM Stainless Steel Work Table - 49″ is that you have the option to construct the kitchen cart with wheels, or choose to use the leveling feet. In other words, you can build the cart as a mobile kitchen cart, or as a stationary work station.

If you just want a stationary work table, assemble it with the leveling feet which are included in the package. The leveling feet is adapted to accommodate uneven floor. And gives you a steady work surface.


SM Stainless Steel Work Table Features

  • Multi-purpose work table for food preparation, use as a kitchen cart, or a work station
  • Stainless steel table work top
  • Table work top has curved edges for safety
  • 1 adjustable chrome plated steel shelf, heavy duty and holds up well
  • Chrome plated 1.5″ diameter steel legs
  • 4″ wheels with locking function and leveling feet included
  • Product requires assembly

SM Stainless Steel Work Table Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 49″ L x 24″ W x 35″ H (39″ H with wheels)
  • Shipping Weight: 60 pounds


SM Stainless Steel Work Table Reviews

The SM Stainless Steel Work Table - 49″ has many positive reviews online.

This is what customers said about the product: “Good value and durable”, “Extremely pleased with this table”, “Great multi-tasker”, and “Very practical, versatile, and attractive”.

Customers commented that the price for this cart was a steal compared to other stainless steel kitchen carts in the market.

Reviewers are happy with their purchase and satisfied with the quality of the product. The kitchen cart is sturdy and heavy duty. It is easy to clean, durable, and has a solid work top.

A few people were pleasantly surprised that the work table comes with curved edges, designed for safety. The adjustable shelf is also a bonus. And is able to hold weight without bulking.

The reviewers found many uses for this work table. Most of them use it as a mobile kitchen cart for food preparation. One person used it as an outdoor BBQ grill stand cum food prep table. And another used the cart for making doughnuts at food fairs and farmers market.

A couple of reviewers also turn the cart into a work station for computer repair and photography. This swanky SM Stainless Steel Work Table is just so versatile.

The product is relatively easy to assemble. But a reviewer did mention that the cart wobbled when it was first assembled. Should this happen, check out this quick tips provided by a customer to help fix the problem. Click here.

Overall the majority of reviews are positive. There were however some customers who said that the stainless steel table top came with dents and they have to pound it out as best as they can. This caused some frustrations to an otherwise great buy.


The SM Stainless Steel Work Table - 49″ is a durable, heavy duty kitchen cart you would want to own. It is easy to clean, well constructed, and sturdy. It is also relatively easy to assemble the product.

The work table provides you counter space and a solid work station. For safety reason, the table top is designed with curved edges. You won’t have to knock into sharp, hard table corners any more.

You have the option to build this stainless steel kitchen cart using either the leveling feet or with wheels. Both hardware are included in the package. You might want to note that the height of the cart is 35″ with leveling feet and 39″ with wheels.

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This multi-purpose work table can be used in the kitchen, or outdoor for food preparation, or as a stand for heavy appliances. It can also function as a work station or utility cart in the study or in the garage.

Similar quality stainless steel kitchen carts that are available in the market can be really expensive. We recommend the SM Stainless Steel Work Table - 49″ if you want value for money, for a no frills, quality kitchen cart or work table.


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