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Winsome Wood Single Drawer Storage Kitchen Cart Review



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The Winsome Wood Single Drawer Storage Kitchen Cart is perfect for small kitchens or living spaces. Although this cart may look like Plain Jane, you’ll appreciate the storage and counter top space it offers you once you have it set up.

We found some pretty functional and affordable small kitchen carts at This model is popular for people shopping for a small kitchen cart on wheels. You can check out the best price for this Winsome Wood Kitchen Cart here.

The Winsome Wood Single Drawer Storage Kitchen Cart is made of solid beech wood in natural finish.

It has a spacious counter top to use as a work area. And there is ample counter top space for a large microwave oven.

The storage cart has a wide drawer to keep your utensils. A 2-door cabinet with a shelf provides ample storage. The upper shelf keeps your smaller items organized. And the bottom space can be used to store your kitchen appliances, like a stand mixer, or blender.

There is a towel rail on the side of the kitchen cart, a handy feature for the dish towels.

This kitchen cart on wheels is sturdy. Hence, you can easily move the storage cart to your preferred spot in the kitchen. Lockable casters keeps the kitchen cart securely in place.

Winsome Wood Single Drawer Storage Kitchen Cart Features

  • Gives you extra storage, utility, and work space
  • Kitchen cart is constructed of solid Beech wood in natural finish
  • Solid wood top is ideal for food preparation
  • 1 wide utensil drawer
  • A 2-door cabinet with a shelf gives ample storage
  • 1 side towel rail
  • Lockable casters provides mobility, stays securely in place when locked
  • Product requires assembly

Winsome Wood Single Drawer Storage Kitchen Cart Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 25.5″ W x 19.2″ D x 34″ H
  • Product Weight: 55.2 pounds

Kitchen Cart Reviews

When researching the Winsome Wood Single Drawer Storage Kitchen Cart, we found many positive reviews and also a number of negatives about this kitchen cart.

The majority of the people were happy with their purchase. And this is what they said about the cart: “Nice, solid kitchen cart”, “Great quality for the price”, “Lots of storage space”, and “Solid, but not perfect”.

Reviewers like the kitchen cart because it is sturdy, good looking, and functional. Most mentioned the good quality Beech wood which gives the cart a solid and sturdy build. They love the neutral color and smooth finish. And the simple design of the kitchen cart fits in nicely with the decor of their kitchen.

They also commented that this kitchen cart is unlike the flimsy wooden kitchen carts that are sold at Walmart or Target.

This mobile kitchen cart has a lot of storage space. Reviewers found that they can place a large microwave oven on the counter top and the cart holds the weight well.

A common compliment is the fast shipping. Customers got their order delivered promptly.

There were mixed reviews regarding the ease of assembly for this storage cart.

Although most people were able to assemble the cart by following the given instruction guide, there were a number of people who found the task frustrating.

Those who were frustrated shared that there was no proper labeling of parts. This makes the assembly harder than it should be. To reduce the chance of picking the wrong parts, one customer suggested to lay out all the pieces, and read the instructions before you begin work.

For some reviewers, factory defects make the assembly tedious. This includes faults like misalignment of pre-assembled pieces, missing drilled holes, or problem door hinges.

Some customers found that the cabinet door could not close properly. To fix the issue, they had to loosen the hinges from inside, or re-install the hinges.


Overall, the Winsome Wood Single Drawer Storage Kitchen Cart gets many praises. Factory defects is a concern. So be prepared for imperfections and DIY solutions. That said, there is an overwhelming number of positive feedback over the negatives. And reviewers who were frustrated with the assembly before, agreed that the finished product is sturdy, functional and attractive.

In addition, the kitchen cart is great value for money. Beech wood, a species of hardwood, is excellent for furniture due to its stability, durability and shock resistance.

We found that this storage cart is pretty useful in the guest room. You can use the counter top as a beverage and snack station. Your guest no longer need to leave the room for a quick bite or to make a drink.

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If you are looking for a kitchen cart on wheels to fit into a small, narrow space, this could be your choice. The Winsome Wood Single Drawer Storage Cart offers you the flexibility to easily re-arrange your kitchen work space.


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